हिंदू-मुस्लिम कारीगर यहां दोनों समुदाय को ला रहे हैं करीब

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Midnapur (West Bengal), Feb 25 (ANI): India, home to multiple religions and languages, is known for its diversity. Peaceful coexistence and regard for other religions is an integral part of the Indian ethos. Examples of communal harmony can be witnessed in every nook and corner of India. One such example was witnessed at Pingla Development Block in Midnapur district of West Bengal, where Pattachitra art has become an epitome of communal harmony. Take a look. ‘Pattachitra’ is a pictorial folk art which comes mainly from eastern India. ‘Pattachitra’ involves telling stories by painting multiple panels on a cloth scroll. In the Sanskrit language, “Patta” literally means “cloth” and “Chitra” means “picture”. Most of these paintings depict stories of Hindu deities. The unique thing about ‘Pattachitra’ art in Midnapur is that Muslim artists along with Hindu artists paint these scrolls to tell stories about Hindu gods in Ramayana, Mahabharata and many other religious scriptures.

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