मुंबई अग्निकांड के बाद खुली BMC की आंखें, बुलडोजर लेकर निकला अतिक्रमण हटाने

By Prabhat Khabar Digital Desk
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Mumbai (Maharashtra), Dec 30 (ANI): The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is conducting anti-encroachment drive in various parts of Mumbai. Following the fire at Kamala Mill Compound, BMC has come hard on illegal structures in the city. The drive has been conducted against illegal structures in Lower Parel's Raghuvanshi Mill compound and Kamala Mill Compound on Saturday. The lethal fire in Kamala Mills that killed 14 on Thursday night brought BMC under scrutiny with many blames being hurled at the civic body. BMC took action against four restaurants with unauthorised constructions in G (South) Ward on Friday. The BMC will also carry out an extensive audit of major eateries in the city.
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